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I am usually vocal…in writing lol. As in i do not hesitate to speak my mind by writing about things that i think matter without fear but i found myself silent and keeping my words to myself as this whole ‪#‎ThisFlag‬ movement unfolded. I decided to do it silently by posting stuff on my page about the movement in support without saying a single word…which is unlike me and i realized it was due to fear. I just read an update of how things proceeded during Pastor Evans case and i almost cried….100s of lawyers to represent him, church leaders kneeling and praying outside the court house in Continue reading “MY ZIMBABWE”

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Letting go…

24696_377582024241_3599771_n   A friend of mine lost her mother today and it brought me back to the time iv lost loved ones too…very close The pain of loss cuts deep and you never really completely heal. Unfortunately in life, letting go is inevitable. Letting go of deceased loved ones, letting go of dreams for other more time appropriate ones, letting go of relationships…of life long Continue reading “Letting go…”

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The stretched smile…


Painting by Sylvia Munodawafa

Its hard to put up a show…of yourself mainly…have you ever been to some gathering and you didn’t feel like smiling but you just had to…it was required of you to smile but it took so much of your energy to keep up with the aching muscles of keeping that smile on and then you end up with this weird looking over stretched smile lol….iv been there countless Continue reading “The stretched smile…”

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46333_10154110880581122_6187659920913421946_nPhotography by Nigel Tadyanehondo


….man has but to right himself to find that the universe is right, and during the process of putting himself right, he will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter toward him…” I just read this statement from a book called As the Man Thinketh by James’s a very short book but it’s taken me a week to read the first 10 pages which is almost half of the book…reason it’s taking me so long is because I find it to be soo deep, I find myself reflecting on the words for some time Continue reading “Reflections….”

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Bantwana-Students-Reading-Zimbabwe-e1373660522770                                                                                                         This is one of the topics that stir me up emotionally and I get so frustrated and angry but I also feel inspired to do more…I absolutely love my continent, I love my country..I love being an entrepreneur because it opens my mind, it gives me freedom to impact meaningful change…leaving the US and coming back home has been one of the hardest transitions of my life..and I Continue reading “#educate”